Welcome to Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Rampur

Location : 185 km away from Delhi onNational Highway No.24, Delhi to Lucknow. 28°25′ N and 29°10′ N and between 78°54′ E and 69°28′ E; the height from sea level is 192 m in north & 166.4 m south.

Area : 2367 km2.

Rivers : Ram Ganga and its tributaries like Kosi, Ghuga, Bauri, Pilakhau, Saijni, Nahal, Dhimri, Baigul etc. The Ram Ganga river enters the area near south west part of the area and flows in the south eastern direction.

Rainfall : The rain fall in distt,. rampur varies from 600 mm to 965 mm.. Temperature: The max temp of the distt. varies 420C to 44oC and min 10 to 6oC.

Villages : 580 Tehsils ( Rampur, Bilaspur , Suar, Tanda , Milak and Shahabad)

Population : 2335819 with density of 987 km-2. Growth rate (2011): 21.42%. F : M Sex ratio: 909:1000; Literacy: 53.34 %.

Major industry : Radico Khaitan Ltd, Rampur , Mentha and Allied Products Ltd, Rampur , Xerox Modi Corp., Rampur ,Wheels India Ltd, Rampur Rampur Fertilizers Ltd, Rampur

Per Capita Income : Rs. 75,314/ Year.

Agriculture : Net cultivated area: 193249 ha, Irrigated: 183249 ha (94.83%); Cropping intensity: 187.54%. 69% population is engaged in agriculture.

Major crops : Rice (116154 ha) ,Wheat ( 135630 ha) , Sugarcane (22385 ha), Mentha (1321 ha)

Productivity : Rice ( 22.45 q/ ha) ,Wheat ( 34.65 q/ ha) , Sugarcane (576.96 q/ ha), Mentha (16.2 q/ ha)

Major Insect-Pest : Yellow stem borer & brown plant hoper in rice, Top borer in sugarcane, Hairy caterpillar in Mentha

Soil Fertility Status : Nitrogen (Low), Phosphorus (Low to Medium), Potash(Low to Medium)

Fruits : Mango and Guava. Vegetables: Cabbage, Tomato, chili, field pea and Cucumber; Flowers: Rose, Marry gold

Animal husbandry : 440452 buffaloes, 152395 cows, 119753 Goat, 9437Sheep and 411108 Poultry. Approx.

Tourist Attraction :

Aarya Bhatt Planetarium

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), an agency of US government, will update online the database of Rampur planetarium in UP with information on future celestial events. Planetarium authorities said that this would be the first planetarium in the country to be directly updated online by NASA. Rampur planetarium is the first one in the country based on Digital Laser Technology. The planetarium - built at a cost of Rs 28 crore and its inaugurated on September-18,2012 by CM of UP Mr. Akhilesh Yadav. The planetarium project was announced in 2006 by then Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav

Raza Library

Nawab Faizullah Khan, who ruled Rampur from 1774 to 1794, established the library from his personal collection of ancient manuscripts and miniature specimens of Islamic calligraphy in the last decades of the 18th century. It is one of the biggest libraries of Asia. As all the succeeding Nawabs were great patrons of scholars, poets, painters, calligraphers and musicians, the library grew by leaps and bounds. Notable additions were made to the collection during the rule of Nawab Ahmad Ali Khan (1794–1840). It contains very rare and valuable collection of manuscripts, historical documents, specimens of Islamic calligraphy, miniature paintings, astronomical instruments and rare illustrated works in Arabic and Persian. The Raza Library also contains printed works in Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, Pashto (having the original manuscript of the first translation of the Qur'an in addition to other important

The Krishi Vigyan Kendra was sanctioned in 1992 under administrative control of G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar and after state division in Oct. 2000 it is under administrative control of SVPUAT, Meerut.